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A festive celebration of St. Valentine's Day was held at the faculty of foreign languages organized by the students of the academic group  GED-15 together with their teachers Tomilina A.O. and Maloivan M.V. 

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Within the framework of the celebration the students exchanged handmade Valentine's cards expressing fondness to each other. They managed to cope with different challenges connected with the history of the holiday, its symbols and traditions. 

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Valentine’s Day is celebrated to promote friendship and kindness but its celebration is still considered to be a controversial issue.  Some people question the necessity of its existence claiming it to be pointless while others, on the contrary, consider it to be worth the celebration. That is why the debate: Is Valentine's Day worth the celebrations? was held. The group was divided into two teams in order to try to find the truth. 

The participants played different games such as: 'Movie Charades' and 'Guess the idiom' which completely coincided with the theme of the festivities in question.

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