Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University aims to initiate and deepen cooperation with foreign higher educational establishments and international scientific and educational institutions, organizations, international funds, programs as well as establishing scientific and technical and cultural relations. Moreover, orientation and adaptation of educational process in accordance with European and global standards are among the priorities of the university.

The international relation department founded in 2016 as an independent structural unit of the university is entitled for the internalization of the university international education activities. Basic functions and responsibilities of the department are as follows :

- assurance of effective integration of the university into the European and global scientific and education space;

- establishment of inter-state and inter-university academic, scientific and technical, cultural relations;

- maintenance and coordination of work with the established relations with foreign scientific and educational establishments in order to implement the programs of academic mobility of higher education seekers and university personnel training and development abroad;

- preparation, monitoring and assurance of the full implementation of international agreements, arrangements of personnel and students’ business trips abroad, meeting of foreign delegations;

- encouragement of the staff and higher education seekers’ participation in international grant programs;

- assistance in the provision of education services to foreign citizens by the university;

- monitoring of academic, financial and domestic discipline of foreign citizens in their relations with the university;

- sharing information about the university, consolidation of the image and its widest possible dissemination among foreign citizens in Ukraine and beyond in order to attract foreign students to study in the university;

- organizational assistance in foreign citizens’ entrance to the university and accommodation in the university dorms;

- ensuring the enforcement of legislation of Ukraine which addresses visa, passport, migration questions and questions of registration of foreign citizens who study at the university and also questions of the recognition of documents about education and scientific degrees (within the competence and powers of the department).

The partnerships have considerably expanded and now they include the following countries: Germany, Poland, Romania, Austria, Canada, Great Britain, USA, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Serbia, Belarus. The cooperation between the university and Peace Corps (USA), scientific and research center “Ryan” (USA), DAAD, the Goethe-Institute (Germany).



Head of the international relation department: Nikonenko Serhii Serhiiovych

Leading specialist: Zheliazkova Iryna Olehivna

Specialist of 1st category: Danchenko Tetiana Serhiivna

Chief inspector: Akimova Viktoriia Volodymyrivna


Address: 50086, Kryvyi Rih, Haharin Ave., 54, office 305

Tel: +38(056)470 13 64