On October 1, 2021, Faculty of Geography, Tourism and History hosted an online conference on archaeological practice “Scythian Right Bank Expedition”, organized by teachers of the Department of History.

The moderator of the event was Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor A.V. Tarasov, who coordinated the conference. He highlighted the following (translated): “The work during the Scythian Right Bank Expedition was informative and practically rich. Today we summarize the work of the mandatory field archaeological practice of our students, consider various aspects of its organization and conduct”.

The students prepared reports and presentations in order to fully reveal the features of their work.

Diana Nazarenko, the student of «ІП-19» group, told the audience about the life during archaeological practice, which took place in the village Melnyky. She highlighted in details the features of daily work plans, reported on how the division of responsibilities and duty were organized.

Rostyslav Horbunov, the student of «ІП-20» group, focused the attention of the audience on the research and methodology, used by students during the practice, showed significant findings that surprised and motivated students to continue to work actively. He also told about the features of in-house processing of ceramics, stones, bronze arrowheads etc.

Anastasiia Shevchenko presented an archaeological diary, in which she described the organization of lectures and leisure of students.

At the end of the reporting conference, a video prepared by this year’s students was presented.

KSPU congratulates the future historians on the successful completion of their practice and acquiring important skills for successful professional activity!