Shymko Iia ‒ Head of the Department, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor.

Scientific interests: socialization of the student's personality as a future specialist.

Thesis: “Didactic conditions of organization of higher school students’ independent educational work”.

Training courses: Pedagogy, General Fundamentals of Pedagogy, Introduction to the Specialty, Social Pedagogy, Fundamentals of Social Pedagogy and Social Work.


Fediushkina Kateryna ‒ Assistant.

Scientific interests: formation of conscious attitude towards paternity.

Thesis: “Formation of vocational education applicants’ conscious attitude towards paternity”.

Training courses: Social Pedagogy, Pedagogy, Socialization of Individual, Introduction to the Specialty.


Razmolodchykova Ivanna ‒ Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor.

Scientific interests: formation of professional image of the future specialist.

Thesis: “Formation of professional image of elementary school teacher in the process of study of professional disciplines”.

Training courses: Methods of Social and Educational Work, Social and Pedagogical Design, Fundamentals of Script Work of Social Educator, Advertising and Information Technologies, Social Support for the Family.


Suiatynova Kateryna ‒ Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Senior Lecturer.

Scientific interests: socialization of the individual, trade education.

Thesis: “Socialization of preschool children in families of divorced parents”.

Training courses: Theory and History of Social Work, Theory and History of Social Upbringing, Pedagogy of Family Upbringing, Technology of Work of Social Governor.


Talash Inna ‒ Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor.

Scientific interests: age psychology, pedagogical psychology, social psychology, role-playing approach, social pedagogy.

Thesis: “Functional and semantic field of temporality in non-fiction and informational texts”.

Training courses: Correctional pedagogy, Special Pedagogy, Technologies of Social and Pedagogical Activity, Self-education and Self-regulation of Personality,  Social and Pedagogical Work, Fundamentals of Eloquence.


Vasyliuk Tamara ‒ Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Assistant.

Scientific interests: ways of self-realization of personality.

Thesis: “Didactic principles of formation of social competence of students of pedagogical universities in the process of teaching humanities”.

Training courses: Methods of Work with Children’s and Youth Organizations,  Ethics of Social and Pedagogical Work, Management of Social and Pedagogical Work, Innovative Models of Social Service Provisioning, Social and Pedagogical Counseling.


Zychkov Anatolii ‒ Senior Lecturer.

Scientific interests: deviation problems, violence against children.

Training courses: Socio-pedagogical Prevention of Violence Against Children, Fundamentals of Professional Creativity in the Social Sphere, Socio-pedagogical Prevention of Delinquent Behavior, Fundamentals of Vocational Orientation, Social Communications, Specialized Services in the Social Sphere, Fundamentals of Social and Pedagogical Activity.