Кафедра практичної психології
Психолого-педагогічний факультет

The Department of Practical Psychology is an Integral Part of the Psychology and Pedagogic Faculty of Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University (KSPU).

From 2000 to 2011 the Department was headed by Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences, Full Professor, Academician of RAS Volodymyr Buriak.

From 2012 to 2024 Zoia Miroshnyk, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Full Professor, was the Head of the Department of Practical Psychology.

Since 2020, the Department has been operating a Scientific School "Role Potential of a Mature Person", headed by Zoia Miroshnyk. Scientific research of Postgraduate Students and Young Scientists is conducted on the basis of the Scientific School, as well as Training of Psychologists-Practitioners.

Since 2024, Olena Charkina, Member of the «American Psychological Association» (APA), Associate Professor, Candidate of Science in Pedagogics Degree (Ph.D), has assumed the Duties of Head of the Department.

The Department represents a High-Level Qualified Community of Faculty, which provides Preparation of the First (bachelor), Second (master), and, from 2017 the Third (educational-scientific, PhD) Levels of Higher Education on Specialty 053 Psychology.

Based on the Department, 2 Centers function as Independent Structural Divisions: the Training Center «Leader of the 21st Century» and the Regional Center for the Development of Children's Giftedness «Pridneprovye».

Academic Staff of the Department this year began working on a Complex Collective Scientific Theme «SUPPORTING THE PSYCHOLOGICAL WELL-BEING OF VULNERABLE GROUPS AFFECTED OF THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE WAR IN UKRAINE».

The Principal Ambition of our Department is to cooperate as a Platform for Institutional Learning to move forward in the Design, Testing, and Implementation of an Innovative Model for deep International University Collaboration.


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