Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University is famous for the traditions of training and teaching specialists for education sector. Nowadays the reality of the 21st century and the rapid development of the information society suggest that a modern educator must be a multi-skilled specialist who perfectly possesses princilal knowledge, skills and abilities essential to his specialities and can effectively apply them for solving various problems that may arise in different professional areas.

The World Economic Forum in Davos has made it clear that the current training of future specialists must fully develop both professional and various flexible skills. The first ones are intended to promote professional implementation, the others should become the means that will allow the student to develop not only in a narrow speciality, but in different spheres.

Taking into account these facts, the modern training of future specialists in the KSPU is based on the principle of obtaining profound knowledge, developing a wide range of skills that can be used in future for professional activity. As a result our graduates have the opportunity to perform in different professions starting from the traditional school teacher, an lecturer of various educational institutions and up to a journalist, a official of non-governmental organizations, authorities, law bodies, private entrepreneurs, artists and scientists.

KSPU conducts training in 8 faculties:

 Faculty of Pre-School and Technology Education

Faculty of Ukrainian Philology

Faculty of Physics and Mathematics

Faculty of Foreign Languages

Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogics

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Faculty of Geography, Tourism and History


Faculty of Arts