The International Activity Strategy of Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University is a programme of the University conceptual provisions regarding the objectives, tasks and priorities of education internationalization and research activities.
 The Strategy is the basis for the University international activities ensuring highly qualified training of future competitive education professionals that correspond the requirements of present-day labour market.

The Strategy is an integral part of the overall University strategy and the instrument of national, European, global educational and research University integration.

The International Activity Strategy of Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University is developed according to the Law of Ukraine “On Education”, the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education”, The National Strategy of Education Development in Ukraine for 2021-2031, the Draft Strategy on reforming higher education in Ukraine till 2025 and the Statute of the University.

Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University is a leading educational teaching institution, oriented to the following issues:

  • to ensure the state and society education needs in training highly qualified specialists in education sector according to the national and international education standards of all higher education levels;
  • to strengthen the University research potential by means of providing conditions for the scientist creativity formation, implementing research programmes and innovative experimental projects aimed at dynamic education development involving the leading international experience;
  • to integrate the University into the international education and science with respect to its identity as a modern academic centre of powerful education and scientific ideas that has significant theoretical achievements and education constructive experience;
  • to engage the University to the higher education and science reform process;
  • to apply the best international experience in the education and research process, as well as in the University management.

Taking into account the necessity of an integrated approach in providing high quality University education, science and project activities in terms of national and international requirements and its compliance with the national and international labour markets, the University determines prioritizing the University education, research and administrative activities according to the international standards, strengthening the University research potential, improving the positive University image among applicants and partners as the strategic goal of international activity.

The main objectives of the University international activity are the following:

  • The University image formation and consolidation as an educational institution that provides training competitive professionals in terms of constant personal and professional development principles;
  • The geographical expansion of international partnership;
  • The formation of joint research networks with foreign higher educational and research institutions, organizations etc.

In order to enable the training of highly qualified teaching staff, involving leading international experience, Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University defines the following priority trends of international activity:

  1. International student mobility and academic exchange;
  2. Joint research activity;
  3. Foreign students’ training.

 Implementing international student mobility and academic exchange involves the following tasks:

  1. to conclude cooperation agreements in the field of education and science;
  2. to participate in international educational programmes;
  3. to create joint educational programmes with universities, research institutions, and organizations abroad;
  4. to make trips abroad for scientists, postgraduates and teaching staff in terms of education, science work according to the international agreements between the University and foreign partners;
  5. to promote academic mobility of students, scientists and teaching staff;
  6. to organize short training courses with foreign institutions-partners within the joint cooperation agreements;
  7. to organize joint training and internship for students;
  8. to develop and support international cooperation in camp for children and youth at the University;
  9. to create virtual programmes to study particular subjects in training teachers of Foreign Languages, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, etc., that encourage learning and using foreign languages;
  10. to organize educational exchanges and internships abroad for students, scientists and teaching staff.

Encouraging joint research work is realized through the following tasks:

  1. to participate in programmes of bilateral and multilateral intergovernment and inter-university exchanges for students, postgraduates, scientists and teaching staff;
  2. to conduct joint research;
  3. to organize international conferences, symposia, congresses and other events;
  4. to participate in international research programmes;
  5. to establish joint publishing;
  6. to create joint research programmes with foreign universities, research institutions and organizations;
  7. to make trips abroad for scientists, postgraduates and teaching staff in terms of educational and research work according to the international agreements between the University and the foreign partners;
  8. to engage scientists and teaching staff from foreign higher educational institutions to participate in educational and research work of the University;
  9. to implement researches and projects in science and technology;
  10. to carry out research projects according to the grants supported by foreign countries’ funds.

Providing education services to foreign students is embodied in the following tasks:

  1. to organize preparatory training for foreign citizens in order to enter higher educational institutions of Ukraine as well as for Ukrainian citizens in order to study abroad;
  2. to provide services related to higher education and postgraduate education for foreign citizens and people without Ukrainian citizenship.