The Department of Philosophy of the Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University was established on September 1, 1985. It is famous for its long-standing traditions and special scientific and philosophical style, which is clearly manifested in the high level of scientific and teaching activity. Orientation to international scientific standards is proclaimed the leading norm of scientific research. Academic staff of the Department is focused on attracting students and undergraduates to the research work: there are problem groups and circles at the Department; also the Olympiad is held.


The department is known by the scientific school, which is headed by Professor Yaroslav Shramko. The collection of scientific works “Actual Problems of Spirituality” is published annually. Also there are conferences, which are held for students and academic staff. Moreover the students’ collection “Unosofia” is published.

The department cooperates with the Institute of Philosophy of NASU, KNUTSH, the Institutes of Philosophy of Berlin, Dresden and Bochum Universities. Academic staff of the department has repeatedly received scientific grants, scholarships and international scientific awards.