The Department of Pre-School Education of Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University was established on September 1, 2009. The creation of the Department of Pre-School Education was conditioned by the need to train highly qualified personnel in the field of Pre-School Education, which contributed to the needs of the region in providing these specialists and the availability of human resources in the training of pre-school teachers.

High scientific level, constant professional and pedagogical improvement is the main purpose of activity of the academic staff of the Department of Pre-School Education.

Kovshar O., Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor is the Head of the Department of Pre-School Education. The academic staff of the Department was awarded with certificates of honor by the University.

The Department of Pre-School Education prepares specialists for the specialty 012 Preschool education is carried out by 14 academics. Department includes 1 Doctor of Science, Associate Professor; 3 Candidates of Sciences, Associate Professors; 6 Candidates of Sciences, Senior Lecturers, 1 Senior Lecturer, 3 Assistants.

In 2018, the Department opened a new specialty 016 Special Education. The opening of a new specialty is a leading area of ​​the Department’s development.


Priority areas of activity of the department:

- scientific work (research, management of students' scientific work);

- teaching work (preparation of educational professional, work programs, development of curriculum, writing training and teaching aids, lectures, guidance, development of electronic applications in the management e-Learning University;

- organizing practices;

- educational and vocational work (conducting educational talks, meetings with leading educators, scientists, trainings, workshops, visits to museums, exhibitions, theaters).

Academic staff of the department constantly improve their skills through participation in conferences, seminars, symposia. Internships as a purposeful continuous growth of the pedagogical competence of the academic staff of the department are carried out both in Ukrainian and in foreign universities.