The department of the Ukrainian language headed by Zhanna Vasylivna Koloiz, Doctor of Philology, Full Professor, has been a vital and integral part of the Faculty of Ukrainian Philology of Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University since its founding. The department arranges training work at the faculty of Ukrainian philology as majors and at other departments as minors.

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Annually the faculty welcomes school leavers and encourages them to apply for the area of expertise “Ukrainian language and literature” majoring in “Ukrainian Studies”, as well as the following supplementary specialties: “Editing educational publications”, “English language”, “Psychology”. The department provides bachelor’s and master’s programs in the Ukrainian language.

The bachelor’s degree program is designed to take four years to complete. The following courses are available at the faculty to earn the Bachelor’s degree: “Modern Ukrainian Literary Language”, “Stylistics of Ukrainian Language”, “Fundamentals of Linguistics”, “Ukrainian Dialectology”, “Old Slavonic Language”, “Historical Grammar of Ukrainian Language”, “History of the Ukrainian Literary Language”, “Latin Language”, seminars and special courses on the Ukrainian language. The Master’s degree requires completing an undergraduate degree. The faculty offers the following academic courses: “Issues of General Linguistics”, “Current Issues of Ukrainian Linguistics”, “Current Issues of Teaching Methods of Ukrainian language”, etc. which end with the Master’s degree being awarded.

The department provides a solid foundation for sustainable scientific development.

The department offers postgraduate studies in the following areas of expertise: 10.02.01 – Ukrainian Language and 13.00.02 – Theory and Methodology of Teaching the Ukrainian Language.

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Heroiv ATO street, 79/а, Kryvyi Rih, 50086, Ukraine

Phone: (056) 440-08-42