The Department of Applied and Decorative Arts and Design prepares students for the specialties ‟Designˮ and ‟Fine Artsˮ. Priority directions of work of the academic staff with students within the academic disciplines of the Department are training theory and practice of decorative stylization and transformation of plant or animal forms, creation on their basis decorative ornamentation on the plane and in volume, mastering different types of decorative and applied art, such as hand weaving, cold and hot batik, mosaic, stained glass, painting, products creation with natural materials and others. Over the years of the Department’s existence, it has prepared about 630 Fine Arts teachers and 150 designers successfully working in the field of education and arts.


Scientific work of the department is carried out in accordance with the complex subject of research “Topical problems of training specialists in arts and crafts and design”, within which academic staff of the department and students are exploring the most relevant issues in these areas. The results of such a search are systematically published as reports at international and all-Ukrainian conferences and articles published in leading professional publications of Ukraine and international scientific databases.