Department of Pedagogy
Kryvyi Rih state pedagogical university

The Department of Pedagogy was created simultaneously with the opening of Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical Institute in 1930. Until 1987 it existed as the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology.

The Department was headed by O. ShumeikIMG 7892o in 1944. At the same time  he was the director of the Pedagogical Institute. In April 1946  the Department included 3 academics: head of the Departmen t- O.. Shumeiko, Senior  Lecturer -  M. Riabko, Associate Professor - I. Zabolotskyi.

Later the Department was headed by such academics as:  I. Zabolotskyi (1947-1949), M. Riabko (1949-1955), O. Kirichenko (1955-1960), Z. Kopets (1960-1965), V. Kovalov (1965-1968), M. Sazonov (1968-1973), O. Kulish (1973-1975), V. Buriak (1975-1976, 1980-1983), L. Kondrashova (1983-2010), Nataliia Zelenkova (2010-2012).

Since 2012, Tetiana Doronina, Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences, Full Professor is the Head of the Department of Pedagogy.

Academic staff of the Department includes 1 Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences, 9 Candidates of Sciences; 1 Professor, 9 Associate Professors..

Lecturers of the Department of Pedagogy carry out research work in accordance to the general plan of the Department.

The system of preparation of scientific and pedagogical staff actively functions  at the Department  through postgraduate studies. Since 2016  the Department provides training of Specialists at the third educational level in  specialty 011 Educational, Pedagogic Sciences (field of knowledge 01 Education/Pedagogy).

The Department carries out training such courses as:

- "Natural Pedagogy", "Methods of  Educational Work" at six faculties of the University within the framework of educational programs for Bachelors in pedagogical specialties;

- "Modern Educational Technologies and Paradigms" (for Masters training at specialization "Pedagogy of Higher School" (specialty 011 Educational, Pedagogical Sciences, field  of  knowledge 01 Education and for Postgraduates).

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