The Department of World History was established on September 1, 2000 as a separate unit. By that time, its main academic staff was the part of the KSPU History Department. From the moment of creation the Department is headed by the Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor Aleksandr Kozhukhar.

Since 2003, the Department publishes a collection of scientific works, in particular: ‟Studies and Intelligence in World History and Jurisprudenceˮ (2002-2015), ‟GLOBUSˮ, (2016) ‟Studies in World History and Social- Humanitiesˮ (2017) and more.

Lecturers of the Department take an active part in international, all-Ukrainian, regional and inter-university scientific conferences, seminars and other events.

The Department provides individual work with students, their involvement in scientific research. Under the guidance of the lecturers of the Department work different problem groups and scientific circles. The results of scientific searches are reflected in course and qualification papers, abstracts, messages and speeches.


The Department works on a complex theme: “Theoretical, methodological and practical problems in the study of historical processes and phenomena as the basis of formation of professional competence of future historians”.