каф ПМТО 18

The Department of Pedagogy and Methods of Technological Education was opened on August 30, 1992. The Head of the Department from its foundation until 2007 was Professor, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences Pavlo Shevchenko.

The Department prepares students for the specialties:

014.10 Secondary education (Labor training and Technology) ‟Design and modeling of clothingˮ and ‟Technology education. Computer Graphicsˮ.

015.16 Vocational education (Service industry). ‟Industry technology of light productˮ.

Since 2007 and till now Savchenko Larysa, Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences, Professor, is the Head of the Department.

The Department also includes: Doctors of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professors Yakovleva V., Kucher S.; Candidates of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professors: Yu. Kulinka, I.Seriohina, N. Volkova; Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Senior Lecturer O. Drashko.


The department has a scientific school which is headed by Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences, Full Professor Savchenko Larysa. With the help of the department’s efforts, national and international scientific conferences on the quality of modern technological and professional education are regularly held. The department successfully solves the issue of preparing future teachers for creative professional-pedagogical activity.

СавченкоЛО Savchenko LarysaDoctor of Pedagogic Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department.
КучерСЛ Kucher SvitlanaDoctor of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor.
ЯковлеваВА Yakovlieva ViktoriiaDoctor of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor.
КулІнкаЮС Kulinka YuliiaCandidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor, Acting Dean of the Faculty.
серегина и ю Serohina IrynaCandidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor.
 ДрашкоОМ Drashko Olena Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Senior Lecturer.
 ВолковаНВ Volkova NataliiaCandidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor.