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Topics of cooperation and practical results of cooperation

Manga_Charta Magna Charta Universitatum On the 23-25th of October 2023, Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University signed the Magna Charta Universitatum. It declared its commitment to the original declaration and to upholding and advancing the Principles, Values and Responsibilities, to strengthen the role of the university in the preservation of the planet and promoting health, prosperity, and enlightenment around the world.

Republic of Poland


Uniwersytet Warszawski**

Memorandum of Cooperation. Development and implementation of joint educational and research projects with the involvement of international funds and programs. Conducting an internship. Introduction of joint "double degree" master's programs. Conducting joint events (conferences, seminars, trainings).



Politechnika Śląska


Conducting scientific sociological research. Scientific advice on the study of social microstructures. Study of the dynamics of the main indicators of socio-economic development. Preparation of a textbook on the sociology of labor and management; participation in conferences. Joint internship.

The University of Computer Science & Skills Lodz Poland

Scientific and creative cooperation on the problems of improving the content and organization of the educational process of training. Development and implementation of innovative educational technologies in the educational process. Effective use of educational and scientific potential of the teaching staff. Development of educational and research projects; holding conferences. Joint development of monographs, textbooks, etc.


Development of science and the national system of higher education. Joint research and publication of results in professional journals. Effective use of educational and scientific potential of the teaching staff.

Fundacja Miejsc I Ludzi Aktywnych (foundation MILA)*

Participation in the international project "Return the river to the people. Partnership for the restoration of the Saksagan River in Kryvyi Rih as a mechanism to support intersectoral dialogue. " "Nova Guta-Kryvyi Rih. Partnership in industrial regions ". Exchange of scientific information and joint publications. Cooperation in teaching and training of specialists in biology and ecology.

The Central Mining Institute**

Memorandum of Understanding. Cooperation in the field of biology and natural sciences, which may include the organization of research projects and other forms of cooperation.

Uczelnia Nauk Społecznych

Cooperation agreement. Joint development of educational and creative projects commissioned by interested agencies of Ukraine and Poland. Conducting joint scientific, scientific-practical conferences, seminars, symposiums, round tables and joint publishing activities. Mobility of students and research and teaching staff.


Central European Academy Studies and Certification (CEASC)


Memorandum of Cooperation. Carrying out of joint actions (seminars, trainings, lectures, conferences), informational and explanatory and consultative work among students and scientific and pedagogical workers. Development and implementation of training and information programs and courses.

Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University

Cooperation in the field of educational activities ;. Exchange of research information. Conducting joint seminars and conferences. Exchange of students and teachers. Implementation of joint research, search for mutual interests.

Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa w Chełmie

Cooperation in the field of educational activities, in research and information activities and in the field of culture and amateur activities of students and teachers. Implementation of joint research, search for mutual interests. Exchange of artistic and creative teams of universities.


Europejska Uczelnia Społeczno-Techniczna
im. Sługi Bożego Roberta Schumana


Cooperation in the field of teacher exchange for lectures and consultations. Exchange of scientific and pedagogical staff in order to conduct joint research projects, scientific and educational activities (conferences, seminars, trainings, etc.). Joint publishing activities. Exchange of experience in the organization of the educational process and the development of curricula for related specialties of the Parties. Student exchange. Implementation of joint research projects.


Wyższa Szkoła Techniczna
w Katowicach


Joint publishing activities. Conducting joint scientific and practical conferences, seminars, etc. Academic mobility.   




 Joint master's programs "double diploma".

Uniwersytet Zielonogórski

Cooperation agreement. Implementation of joint educational projects and programs. Exchange of teaching methodology and technology. Academic mobility. Joint publication of research results. Organization of joint research projects, expert works, conferences, etc.


United Kingdom


 The British Council

Participation in the programs: Active Citizens: Media for Youth Centers 2017/18; Ukraine Higher Education Development Program; International Offices: Best Practices

Buckinghamshire New University

Memorandum of Cooperation: organization and holding of joint events. Development of joint educational and research projects. Student educational and cultural exchange. Joint activities within the project supported by the British Council in Ukraine for the development of leadership potential of higher education institutions in Ukraine.




"Ryan Research International"

Joint activities for the development of research, research and creative activities of students and teachers. Conducting linguistic research, preparation of methodological materials in order to improve the teaching of English.



Eötvös Lorand University Academic exchanges. Organization and holding of the Summer School. Organization and conduct of joint research. Support.


Czech Republic

The University of Pardubice Creation and implementation of joint international projects. Organization and holding of joint scientific events (seminars, conferences, research). Academic exchanges. Participation of students and young scientists in the summer school of German language at the University of Pardubice.


Federal Republic of Germany

 Ruhr University Bochum Research in the field of logic and analytical philosophy. Implementation of joint research projects and mutual scientific visits. Organization of scientific conferences
Doctors Against Animal Experiments Germany Contract prohibiting the use of live or dead animals in experiments, according to the established list.
Goethe-Institut  Participation in the forum of German language teachers and practical events of the Goethe Institute. Internship of teachers.
German Academic Exchange Service(DAAD) Conducting testing to determine the level of English and German language skills of DAAD employees.


Kingdom of Spain

Granada University  Exchange of students and research and teaching staff under the Erasmus program.


Republic of Bulgaria

South-West University "Neofit-Rilski"** Development of joint research projects. Organization of joint academic and scientific research. Academic mobility. Exchange of publications. Joint training of graduate students.


Republic of Kazakhstan

National Academy of Education named after Y.Altynsarin** Joint organization and conduct of research programs, projects and developments. Joint organization and holding of scientific-practical conferences, advanced training courses, scientific-methodical seminars, scientific internships.


Republic of Latvia

The Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia  Joint research programs. Academic exchange. Providing technical base for research. Preparation of joint printed materials.


Republic of Moldova

Ion Creangă State Pedagogical University Memorandum of Cooperation: Joint organization and conduct of research programs, refresher courses, scientific and methodological seminars and internships. Preparation of joint printed materials. Assistance in the introduction of modern Internet technologies and other tools to support research and scientific and methodological activities.
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