The Department of Translation and Slavic Philology was founded in 2020 on the basis of the Department of Russian Philology and World Literature. The academic staff of the Department is represented by the experienced specialists (Candidates of Sciences and Associate Professors). The Department provides training of students in specialty “Language and Literature (Russian), additional specialty “Language and Literature (English), which opens great opportunities for students, as they study two world languages (Russian and English). Moreover, a significant part of the educational process includes courses in the history of World Literature and Russian Literature.

As the practice has shown, the profession of Philology teacher is truly universal and highly competitive in the labour market, which positively affects to the process of employment. Our graduates successfully work as teachers, journalists, actors, editors, lecturers. Three Candidates of Science, Associate Professors who are working at the department, are the graduates of this department.

At present, students from Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan are studying at the Department. Also students from Morocco, Congo, China, and Russia were studying here.

The head of the Department is the Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor Mykola Dudnikov.


The Department works on the complex theme “Analysis of the text poetics as the universal basis for professional teacher training”.