The history of the Department dates back to 1973, when a commission on the theory and history of music, a special instrument and special techniques began its work. In September 1980, the Department of Theory, History of Music and Playing Musical Instruments was created. In 2008 it was renamed as the Department of Music Studies, Instrumental and Choreography Training. The Department is headed by Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences Mishchanchuk Victoriia. The Department consists of 26 academics.

The department trains specialists in the specialty ‟Musical Artsˮ (specialization: art culture) at the Bachelor and Master’s levels of higher education and specialty ‟Choreographyˮ (specialization: organization of work of a choreographic team) at the Bachelor level of higher education.

The powerful scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department is working on improving and modernizing the educational process, creating conditions for the development of creative personality, the realization of its abilities and opportunities in practical activity. There are 7 creative groups working at the Department, 2 of which have “National” title: National Ukrainian Orchestra of Folk Instruments (curated by G. Bilonenko); Folk dance ensemble "Lіubava" (curated by O. Brysin); instrumental ensemble ‟Sound-Mezzoˮ (curated by Mishchanchuk V.); instrumental duet ‟Kalinkaˮ (curated by G. Bilonenko); Theater of Contemporary Choreography ‟Versaillesˮ (curated by D. Tsemakh); contemporary dance ensemble ‟Grandeˮ (curated by A. Kulpikin), contemporary choreography studio ‟Libertaˮ (curated by Yu. Hrezhynets). The professional growth of students is facilitated by active concert activity. They are regular participants of university, city, regional cultural and artistic events. Every year students of the Department take part in creative competitions and win prizes, the highest Grand Prix awards at international, all-Ukrainian, regional competitions, festivals and competitions.


Academic staff of the Department works on a complex collective scientific theme: "Theory and methodology of development of art education in the conditions of modern integration processes" (head ‒ Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences V. Mishchanchuk). The work has applied character. Research work in this area is carried out on the following aspects:

  • substantiation of theoretical and methodological foundations of art education, education and professional development of the future teacher of Music and leader of the choreographic team;
  • development of psychological and pedagogical conditions, means and methods of formation of professional competences of the individual and their introduction into the educational process of higher education;
  • updating of educational and methodological support of methodical, music-performing and choreographic preparation of the future teacher of Music, leader of the choreographic team.

The results of the researches are introduced by lecturers of the department at international, all-Ukrainian, regional scientific-practical conferences and reflected in scientific, scientific-methodical and methodical publications (monographs, manuals, recommendations, textbooks, articles and abstracts).


Ovcharenko Nataliia – Acting Head of the Departmemt, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor.


Mishchanchuk Viktoriia ‒ Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor.


Shramko Oksana  ‒ Dean of the Faculty,Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor.


Bielikova Valentyna  ‒ Candidate of Art Criticism, Associate Professor.


Sydorenko Tetiana  ‒ Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor.


Chebotarenko Olha  ‒ Candidate of Art Criticism, Associate Professor.


Vlasenko Iryna  ‒ Candidate of Art Criticism, Associate Professor.


Bilonenko Heorhii  ‒ Senior Lecturer, Head of the Section "Orchestral instruments".


Yaroshenko Olena  ‒ Senior Lecturer.


Korolkov Yevhen ‒ Lecturer.


Liashchenko Iryna  ‒ Lecturer.


Tsemakh Daria  ‒ Lecturer.


Starkina Tetiana  ‒ Concertmaster.


Krylova Oleksandra  ‒ Concertmaster.