In 1930 on the basis of pedagogical courses, the Institute of Vocational Education was created with the faculties of general technical and social sciences. Implementation the new progressive means of teaching contributed to the creation of the woman sports community that lasted for several years. Since 1933, Physical Education had been carried out under the leadership of the lecturers of the Military Department. During this period the staff of the Department became a sports center, which united a large number of fans of physical culture and sports.

   In prewar years G. Tolstopiatenko was the Head of Physical Education Department in the Pedagogical Institute. The model of student physical training was based on the standards of the complex GPE. Since the beginning of World War II, the Pedagogical Institute was relocated to Magnitogorsk, and further work on physical education and sports changed its direction to the defense of the Motherland.

   In 1947 a substantive physical education commission headed by G. Tolstopiatenko was organized in KSPI, and later, in 1955, the Department of Physical Education was created, primary consisting of five lecturers. In 1967 the Department of Physical Education was headed by V. Andrianov, who served as the Vice Head of the Department until September 2016. The new forms of health and sports work were introduced, such as: the sports hall of the university (competition between the faculties), “The first year student competition”, “Draftee”, the sports hall among the staff of the institution “Vivacity and Health”.

   In 1998 the Pedagogical Institute obtained the status of a University. Since 2004, the new specialty “Physical Education” was opened providing the training of Bachelor and Master specialists of Primary Education. In 2011 the Department of Physical Education was renamed to the Department of Physical Education and Methods of its Teaching. Since 2016 to 2020 the Department of Physical Education and Methods of its Teaching was headed by the Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor V. Shutko. Nowadays Batiuk Alim is the Acting Head of the Department.

   In 2017 the KSPU started training the students of Bachelor specialty 014. 11. “Physical Education”, specialization “Sports Tourism”.

   Nowadays the sports basis of the University includes two game rooms, gymnastic and fitness gyms, a stadium with an athletic area and sports grounds, and a chess club.

   There are two Associate Professors, two Senior Lecturers, ten Lecturers of Physical Education and two Assistants at the Department.


The general research topic of the Department of Physical Education and Methods of its Teaching is “Physical Education, Sport and Human Health”.

Batiuk Alim Candidate of Social Sciences, Associate Professor, Acting Head of the Department of Physical Education and Methods of its Teaching.
Marchyk ValentynaCandidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor.
C:UsersadminDownloadsIMG-b82ae57e32edbe4f67f29e23762a524a-V.jpg Barabash Kateryna Lecturer, PhD student.
Переглянути оригінальне зображення Burak Volodymyr Candidate of PedagogicalSciences, Associate Professor.
Vasylenko Vadym ‒ Senior Lecturer.
Makarenko NataliaSenior Lecturer.
C:UsersadminDownloadsIMG-8f3df69163f10fcb6936013a4c8e84b2-V.jpg Matskevych Ninel ‒ Candidate of Sciences in Physical Education and Sport, Associate Professor.
Pereverzieva Svitlana ‒ Lecturer.
Makarchuk Bogdan ‒ Lecturer.

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 Berezhok Sergii ‒ Lecturer.



Tereshchenko Olexii ‒ Lecturer.