Plunging into the world of opportunities and development, our Ukrainian team led by Kateryna Bondar (PhD in Psychology, Associate Professor of the Department of Practical Psychology at Kyiv State Pedagogical University), together with 8 other teams from the EU, went on an inspiring journey through the Erasmus+ project with Carola Maria Stöhl. The event was organized by Loesje Berlin.


Guided by Trajkovska and Schut, we explored fears and expectations, collaborating with participants from Bulgaria, Aleksandra Lyutskanova, and Borislava Fimova. The pivotal discussion on YouthPass and the Erasmus+ program's opportunities, facilitated by Pasquale Davide Pennino and Hristijan Jordanoski, emphasized connection and trust-building through gamification.


Attention was paid to the transformational feedback model, which turned the process into a real family discussion. This project promises not only to expand knowledge, but also to unite a team ready to discover opportunities and challenge our potential.

The focus has also shifted to inclusion and exclusion within the Erasmus+ project. Diving deeper into understanding and harnessing the power of inclusion, different cultures were highlighted at a cultural evening with traditional dances and food.


Under Loesje's guidance, we improved editing skills and explored online content creation possibilities, aligning with EU values. The week concluded with a videography introduction, enriching our understanding of content creation.


Armed with new skills, we're poised to shape our project's narrative, contributing to a more inclusive and dynamic community.