image.pngProject Overview:

Welcome to the "EduWell Support" initiative! Our mission is to enhance the competencies of education professionals in Ukraine and Sweden, with a primary focus on strengthening the inclusive welfare framework within the education system. We are dedicated to providing crucial support to children facing challenging life situations.


1. Develop and assure the competences of teachers, psychologists, and other professionals through targeted education programs.

2. Improve access to quality education within an inclusive welfare system, fostering holistic support for vulnerable children.


In challenging life situations, children heavily rely on professional support, especially in schools. Our project recognizes schools as significant socialization institutions, emphasizing the pivotal role of universities in educating professionals.

Interdisciplinary Approach:

We advocate for an interdisciplinary approach, consolidating various competencies crucial for a holistic field of work. This ensures effective collaboration among educators, special educators, psychologists, and school social workers.

EU's Eastern Partnership:

Ukraine plays a pivotal role within the EU's Eastern Partnership, facing challenges posed by Russian aggression. The ongoing situation poses an immediate and fundamental threat to the country's civil society institutions, including universities, schools, and NGOs.

Upcoming Events:
1) 16 January 2024, Tuesday, 10:15–12:00 (European time) 11:15–13:00 (Ukrainian time)
“What is special education?”
Lecture with Professor Thomas Barow, Örebro University, Sweden
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2) 17 January 2024, Wednesday, 10:00-11:00 (Ukrainian time)
Explanation and preparation of students for upcoming seminars
Meeting with Dr. Bondar Kateryna (in English), Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University, Ukraine
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3) 31 January 2024, Wednesday, 10.15–12.00 (European time) 11:15–13:00 (Ukrainian time)
“Inclusion: a multifaceted concept”
Lecture with Professor Thomas Barow, Örebro University, Sweden
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4) 5 February 2024, Monday, 9.15–10.00 (European time) 10:15–11:00 (Ukrainian time)
“Children’s experiences and special education in wartime”
Online seminar
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Certificates will be provided to active participants in the seminars.

Additional Resources:

Access preparatory materials for the seminars

Project Credits:

Project created with support from the Swedish-Ukrainian Contact Seminar 2023 ( and the National Erasmus+ Office in Ukraine & HERE team (special thanks to Shytikova Svitlana (
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