On January 30 and February 2, 2024, a commission meeting was held regarding the preparation of the Learning Agreement project under the Erasmus+KA1 international academic mobility program to the University of Gdańsk (Poland) and the University of Greifswald (Germany).

The meeting on January 30 was attended by Bilozir O. S. - chairman of the commission, the Head of the Department of International Relations, senior lecturer of the Department of English Language and Methods of Teaching, Bondarenko O. V. - the Head of the Educational and Methodological Department, Kholoshyn I. V. - the Head of the Department of Geography and Methods of Teaching, coordinators of academic mobility: Nechypurenko P. P., Hanchuk O. V., Bobylev D. E. and students participating in the Erasmus+ KA1 program of the University of Gdańsk (Poland): Boryta Daryna (Faculty of Natural Sciences), Yaroslav Kuzmichova (Faculty of Physics and Mathematics), Valery Shkurko (Faculty of Geography, Tourism and History).

February 2, 2024, Bilozir O. S., Bondarenko O. V., Kireeva M. V. - assistant of the Department of Translation and Slavic Philology, coordinator of academic mobility, Gostra K. V. - senior lecturer of the Department of Translation and Slavic philology, acting dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, was present online, actively worked on Learning Agreements for students Bushynska A. and Shchyrbul N. - students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, who carry out academic mobility to Greifswald University (Germany).

The members of the Commission discussed the academic load for the semester - at least 30 credits; compared the content of educational components in the partner institution and normative disciplines of the University's educational program; made sure that students freely chose disciplines at the partner institution according to the number of credits provided for disciplines of free choice; determined the normative educational components of the educational program of the University, under which the applicant studies, which cannot be mastered in the partner institution during academic mobility; students and coordinators were informed that an individual study plan of the applicant for the period of academic mobility is formed based on the Learning Agreement.