On January 31, 2024, the Winter School for Ukrainian and Swedish students continued with the second lecture, delivered by Dr. Thomas Barow from Örebro University.

At Dr. Barow's lecture "The Multifaceted Concept", the attendees got an idea of the different aspects of the learning environment within the framework of inclusive education. Participants better understood the challenges that arise in the process of creating inclusive educational institutions.


The Ukrainian side was represented by a candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Practical Psychology Kateryna Bondar and senior teacher of the Department of English Language with Teaching Methods, Doctor of Philosophy Olha Bilozir, who moderated the lecture discussion. Their participation was a valuable contribution and enriched the discussion.

 The lecture covered key concepts, including diversity and pedagogical differentiation; practical strategies and theoretical frameworks for appropriate consideration of the diverse needs of students in educational institutions were covered in detail.


The Winter School continues to function as a platform to promote cooperation and knowledge exchange between Ukrainian and Swedish higher education students and scientists. Dr. Barow's lecture and the contribution of representatives of Kryvyi Rih Pedagogical School testified to the strong possibilities of international cooperation and the high academic standards that define the program within which it was held.


We continue to work to provide opportunities for cross-cultural learning and professional development in education. We look forward to the continuation of the successful work of the Winter School; and are convinced that it will have a positive impact on the future of inclusive education.

This project was created with the support of Swedish-Ukrainian Contact Seminar 2023 and Erasmus+ Office Ukraine and Svitlana Shitikova personally.

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