The lecturers of the Department of the English Language with Methods of Teaching always devote a significant role to the research activity. This year is not an exception. During 3 months (January – March) our lecturers have participated in various webinars, symposiums, teacher trainings. In particular, Iryna Salata, Maryna Tsehelska and Valeriia Poliarenko took part in the VII Virtual International Spring Symposium “Empowering English Language Educators through Action Research” that was held by Alecu Russo State University of Bălți, Republic of Moldova (March 26-27, 2021). The participants were awarded with certifiates.

Yuliia Yelovska and Valeriia Poliarenko participated in the webinar “OxfordDay Online” (March, 23). The webinar was devoted to the issues of students’ motivation during training. As a result, lecturers got certificates.

Electronic distant learning is supported with different e-tools. One of them is Kahoot. So, on 17 March Valeriia Poliarenko joined to the webinar devoted to the opportunities of the platform Kahoot and, finally, got certificate of a participant. 

It is always interesting and fruitful to get to know with new methods of teaching via communication with colleagues from different institutions. In March (17-18) “Teaching and Learning Excellence Forum” was organized by the British Council. And our lecturer Valeriia Poliarenko participated in the two-days work of this forum. 

The lecturers of our department constantly improve their professional skills. So, during March 9-12 they were active participants in the series of webinars provided by the Clarivate company. These webinars were devoted to the different problems which can be challenging to the researchers.

In spring (March 12) Iryna Salata, Olena Honchar, Valeriia Poliarenko, Yuliiia Panasiuk, Liliia Sorochan, Nataliia Soloviova and Olena Hladka took active part in the work of online Symposium “Meeting challenges of today: quality assurance of blended language learning”, where they had an opportunity to discuss modern challenges in teaching/learning English at Ukrainian universities and become aware of different ways how to overcome them.

The problem of avoiding and fighting against plagiarism is rather of high significance nowadays. Our lecturers always try to follow current tendencies. Thus, on 4 March O.Hladka, N.Yevtushenko, O.Semenova, L.Sorochan, Yu.Panasiuk, L.Haponenko and L.Matsepura took part in the work of the webinar "Publish not perish"; provided by the Clarivate company and V.Poliarenko took part in the conference "Honesty, Trust, Unity: Academic Integrity & Education in a Globalized World"; (February 1-4) held by RELO - U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, TESOL-Ukraine, English Teachers' Association of Georgia and International Black Sea University.

During January-February period I.Salata, V.Poliareko, O.Hladka, Yu.Panasiuk, Yu.Yelovska, O.Honchar and H.Kovalenko were taking active part in the series of webinars “Teaching 4 Skills Online” held by Shaun Hicks (English Language Fellow). The webinars were provided by the collaboration of TESOL-Ukraine та U.S. Embassy. Finally, the participants had to present their project and as a resultwere awarded with certificates.