I have been in the city of Granada for more than two weeks thanks to the international academic mobility program Erasmus + and I must say it is a great opportunity.

I have a possibility not only to make sure that Spain is a highly-developed country, but to see comfortable and picturesque city of Granada and of course one of the most powerful Spanish Universities.

During this period I have managed not only to get used to a new place but also to meet the representatives of the International Office of the University of Granada (sign a contract, submit necessary documents, have a consultation concerning cooperation conditions, using library stock, working hours of other departments, lecturers, etc.). I was introduced to my academic supervisor from the department of Greek and Slavic Philology to coordinate my work plan and define priorities for the coming month.

There are a lot of things to do. But this is something that brings satisfaction, enriches spiritually, gives me a chance to represent Ukraine and Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University on the international arena with dignity.

The warmest regards and most sincere wishes to all of you, to my friends, colleagues, teachers, who supported me with words and deeds and made efforts to make this trip real.

Tetiana Soloviova, a postgraduate student of the Department of Ukrainian Language