Within implemetation of the whole-department topic “Ecological conditionality of structural and functional organization of natural and anthropologically transformed biogeocenoses” and activities of  scientific research laboratory “Ecology of Kryvbus vegetation”, teachers of the department continue to develop a cost accounting topic “Postproject monitoring of influence of planned operations on mining limestones and clay usable as concrete raw materials, of Zhovtokamiansk deposit (section №3) situated in Apostolovo district of Dnipropetrovsk region, on condition of flora and fauna” (agreement №39122 of 28th October 2019, supervisor – Candidate of Biological Sciences, Assosiate Professor E.O.Yevtushenko).

In 2021 preparation for publishing of the next sixth issue of the collection of scientific and scientific methodological works “Environmental Journal of Kryvorizhzhia” is going on (chief editor - Candidate of Biological Sciences, Assosiate Professor V.M. Savosko, members of editorial board: Candidate of Biological Sciences I.O. Komarova, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences  N.V.Gnilusha, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences O.O. Kobriushko, Candidate of Biological Sciences Ya.V. Malenko).