In 2020-2021 academic year a scientific society called “Comparative Studies” started functioning under the direction of Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor V.I. Dmytrenko. The society united 2-4-year students interested in the subject. The main objective of the society is reconstruction of comparative line in the analysis of literary works of Ukrainian and World Literature, which enables comparison of works of fiction, their basic components (themes, motives, characters, etc.), phenomena and facts belonging to different literatures, establishing links between Ukrainian and World Literature. One of the directions of the scientific society work is also analysis of literary phenomena in an intermedial aspect, that is highlighting connections of literary works with other art forms.

The meeting of the society on the 2nd of March was devoted to 150th anniversary of Lesia Ukrainka’s birthday. The topic under discussion was “Lesia Ukrainka’s creative work in the context of World Literature” as well as intermediality of her poetry.