Traditionally, the educational year for our research and teaching staff begins productively. Recently, representatives of Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University joined the regional (non)conference in EdCamp format.


The regional (non)conference in EdCamp format is supported by Press, Education and Culture Department of the US Embassy in Ukraine, Heinrich Boll Foundation, Kyiv-Ukraine Bureau, EdPro company, Lenovo company, Publishing House “Ранок”, “Смарт Освіта”, “Нова українська школа” portal, “Шкільний світ” publishing group, media group “Накипіло” and crowdfounding platform “Спільнокошт”.

On October 8, 2021 in Horishni Plavni on the basis of secondary school of I-III grades №1 the Main (non)conference “On the edge of educational innovations” within the EdCamp format took place with the participation of representatives of KSPU: Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of Department of Physics and Methods of its Teaching N.A. Kharadzhian, senior lecturer of Department of Informatics and Applied Mathematics I.S. Zakarliuka, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of Department of Pedagogy and Methods of Technological Education Yu.S. Kulinka.

The participants had the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations in robotics industry, Lego design, experimentation at school, experience of engineering weeks and virtual reality in a modern lesson, the motivation for modern students and a diary for teachers. In addition, the audience had the opportunity to listen to a mini-lecture “Robotics: when to start”, prepared by our speaker, Associate Professor N.A. Kharadzhian.

N.A. Kharadzian shares her impressions in social networks (translated): “In my opinion, this is one of the best events in the field of robotics. It is very important to move with those, who were the founders here. My impressions of the event turned my world upside down and deepened my understanding of our work. Robotics is being introduced in four schools. The classrooms are fully equipped with LEGO facilities, with which the primary school work, and robotics is being introduced from kindergartens. Therefore, I want to say that there is a place to strive for, there are effective examples and there are real solutions and interested people”.

Such an interactive helps to improve pedagogical skills, expand the worldview in terms of current issues, echange the best educational experience.