On October 10, 2021 the presentation of the author’s course «МИСТЕЦТВО ОЧИМА ХУДОЖНИКА» took place in the general lecture hall at the Central Library (Poshtovyi Avenue, 40).

The lecturer is Yuliia Oleksandrivna Zenkovych, artist and designer, curator of art projects, senior lecturer at Department of Fine Arts of Faculty of Arts of Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University.

The very first conversation “Primitive Arts” was already listened to by the audience with great interest and admiration. It was not a lecture in the usual sense of the word; it was rather a new reading, unexpected discoveries and reflections made by the author of the art project. All this is a huge layer of the reflected history of the ancient world, another additional source of information for a fascinating journey into the world of primitive man. The half-million-year period could be seen in just one hour. Huge illustrative material and non-standard comments of Yu.O. Zenkovych made the listeners perceive the original rock paintings in a slightly different way.

We invite everyone to the Central Library for Adults to open some new points of contact with culture and art! Registration is required by phone number 067 5693764 (the event is held in compliance with quarantine regulations).