On October 13, 2021, on the basis of the laboratories of Department of Chemistry and Methods of its Teaching, a meeting with students of Kryvyi Rih Secondary School №113 was held.


The educational event was aimed at attracting attention to chemistry as a science, increasing the interest of students in the study of this discipline and career guidance of young students.

The meeting began with an acquaintance with the material and technical equipment, in particular with classrooms and laboratories. After that, an experimental research took place, which was the most exciting part of the event.

Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Methods of its Teaching T.V. Selivanova conducted a series of spectacular experiments that perfectly illustrated certain chemical laws: she demonstrated the brilliant “gold” that appeared from the water in a test tube, smoke without fire and fire with smoke, colored sediments and colorful solutions etc.

This interactive really appealed to the students, as were evidenced by their interested views and positive feedback. The teacher Nataliia Akhmatova summed up (translated): “On the eve of a long weekend, a wonderful tour of the KSPU laboratories was organized for our restless 7-A students. T.V. Selivanova conducted a series of cognitive chemical experiments “The Signs of Chemical reactions”. The children had the opportunity to visit huge lecture halls, which until now they had only seen in movies and to observe the incredible “miracles” of chemistry. We all had a good, informative and fun time”.

Department of Chemistry and Methods of its Teaching is always happy to meet young researchers and share with them the secrets of science. Due to quarantine restrictions, the excursions are now temporarily suspended. But under the favorable conditions, the friendly team of chemists of the Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University will once again welcome students who are not indifferent to scientific research!