KSPU is a modern institution of higher education, which is actively integrated into the European environment. Recently, our University picked up the global trend and introduced STEM courses in the university practice.


     STEM-education is an integration of different areas: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

     From the 2021/2022 academic year on the basis of Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University the general university course “STEM-practice in education” was introduced into the normative block. This discipline is designed for a semester; it is taught in all educational specialties (technical, natural and humanitarian) in accordance with the curriculum.

     Natalia Kharadzjan, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Physics and Methods of its Teaching, tells (translated): “STEM-education it the education of the future, which gives the opportunity to understand the processes of automation and robotics. A smart home, gadgets, a washing machine – it’s all about STEM-education. Learning takes place on the simple things that surround us. Now we live in Industry 4.0, which will gradually gain momentum. We see the ultimate goal in the formation of a digital picture of the world”.

     Successful mastering of STEM-components lead to the formation of knowledge, skills and abilities, in particular, the ability to think logically and mathematically, skills of scientific understanding of nature and modern technologies and confident use of information and communication technologies, awareness and self-expression in culture.