Kryvyi RIh State Pedagogical University helps to improve the level of education of graduates who have modern professional competencies. The Department of Primary School Education of the Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy provides quality training in accordance with the concept of the New Ukrainian School.


     Since 2018, the Department of Primary School Education has been working on the program and concept of the New Ukrainian School (NUSh), gradually implementing the changes to the educational program for the training in higher education. The concept of NUSh provides that the teacher chooses teaching materials, experiments, organizes competency-based learning and ensures the integration of its content.

     In order to train specialists who will be ready to work at NUSh, the lecturers of the Department are constantly improving their knowledge and gaining new experience: they attend various trainings and events related to the New Ukrainian School; they join all-Ukrainian and international projects; they are the speakers of the EdCamp Ukraine event, created for teachers of the new formation; they receive certificates on the platform of the online education studio EdEra; they undergo internships; they conduct online courses for NUSh teachers; they are also involved as NUSh experts. This activity should contribute to the quality and thorough training of students, as well as the opportunity to pass on the experience gained to future teachers.

     During four years, special modules were added to the educational program, and the course “Pedagogy of Primary Education” was completely redesigned. Currently, students majoring in “Primary Education” study in detail the basic conceptual provisions: child-centeredness, pedagogy of partnership, educational environment of NUSh etc. Courses “Modern Technologies” were also organized for undergraduates, in order to help them master the digital tools of NUSh.

     The educational program provides different types of internships that students must go through during their studies. Each of them is aimed at understanding and acquiring knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for working in the New Ukrainian School. This year freshmen majoring in “Primary Education” were introduced to the practice at school in order to form an idea of the organization of education in secondary education establishment. They also had an opportunity to observe the educational environment, analyze teaching materials, textbooks and NUSh programs.

     The Head of the Department of Primary School Education, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Olena Pavlyk told (translated): “Currently the educational program of the specialty “Primary Education” is fully adapted, starting from the first year. Lecturers of the Department are constantly undergoing various trainings, as well as involving students. For example, we are currently involved in three Finnish projects, aimed at training NUSh primary school teachers and developing educational programs. Our students are familiar with modern approaches, new concepts, because we use the method of  “learning through action”. For eight years in a row, our students have won prizes in competitions of scientific works, because all topics are dedicated to NUSh and have a methodological direction. I believe that if teachers improve their skills in time and constantly participate in various events, trainings, etc., they become a good example for students. We have integrated all the latest developments in the lectures, laboratories and practical classes. Students join the work very early; it motivates them to learn better and improve professionally”.

     Nowadays the Department of Primary School Education works closely with NUSh trainers the State Educational Quality Service of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Institute for Educational Development and various international organizations.

We wish future primary school teachers a successful mastery of professional skills and abilities!