At the end of October 2021, the remote All-Ukrainian multi-genre competition «Арт-Трамплін» took place. It was joined by representatives of the Compartment of Fine Arts and Graphics of Faculty of Arts. The event was supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.


     Its purpose was to promote various arts, attract talented young people to implement creative projects, encourage art directors and participants to develop their own talents, increase an interest in various arts.

     The following genre nominations were presented at the competition: vocal, instrumental, theatrical, theater of fashion, choreographic, circus, applied and fine arts, ethnography, audiovisual art, genre of author’s creativity and genre of demonstration of special abilities. Participants were divided into 7 age categories.

     The main criteria for evaluating of applied and fine arts were: mastery of technology and materials (demonstration of acquired professional and technical skills and abilities); quality of performance of competitive works; originality of creative idea and decision; degree of complexity. The general requirement for the works on “Applied and Fine Arts” and “Photography” was the submission of three works from each participant, performed in one type of technique.

     The jury included well-known musicians, singers, artists, directors and painters from Ukraine, USA, Germany, China, Argentina, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, Turkey, Austria, Spain and other countries. It also included leading Ukrainian teachers of creative disciplines, leaders of creative teams, cultural and artistic figures.

     Prizes were determined on the basis of the juries’ protocol of the competition and the total number of points received according to the 10-point evaluation system from each member of the jury.

     According to the results of this competition, the diplomas of the winners of the fist degree in the relevant nominations were awarded to the students in the specialties “Secondary Education (Fine Arts)” and “Design”.

  • Natalia Fimushkina – nomination “Fine Arts. Painting” (supervisor – graduate student, lecturer O.V.Bolshanina);
  • Arina Portretova – nomination “Fine Arts. Graphics” (supervisor – O.V.Bolshanina);
  • Kseniia Meheria – nomination “Fine Arts. Graphics” (supervisor – I.O.Krasiuk);
  • Amina Miekhtiieva – nomination “Fine Arts. Graphics” (supervisor – I.O.Krasiuk).

     At the competition was presented an additional category “Professionals”, in which the Head of the Department of Fine Arts, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor I.O.Krasiuk received a diploma of the first degree in the nomination “Fine Arts. Painting”.

     I.O.Krasiuk stated (translated): “It was a great opportunity to unite and motivate our students who attended art classes of our department, thanks to which we have already had some works. We invited the students to join the competition and they gladly agreed. I also decided to submit my works to this competition and got a great result. I always try to be a good example for our talented youth”.

We congratulate our talented artists and we are proud of their numerous victories and creative achievements!