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Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University (Ukraine) kindly invites you to the International Conference on History, Theory and Methodology of Learning, which will take place in our university 13-15 May 2020. The Conference covers interdisciplinary research on education, learning and training.

The problematic field of the conference is the current issues of modern pedagogical science: psychological and pedagogical, philosophical, socio-cultural aspects of education, learning and training, modern theories, technologies and teaching aids, the emergence of which is determined by globalization, integration processes, social transformations, humanitarian and scientific and technological development.


  1. History of Education, Learning and Training

History of learning, training and education development

Socio-cultural determinants of modern education development

Comparative pedagogy


World trends in learning, training and education development

  1. Theoretical Issues of Education, Learning and Training in the „Life Long Learning“

Problems of preschool, primary, secondary, higher, professional and postgraduate education

Theory and practice of life-long-learning

Theory of reforming the education system

Standardization and monitoring in education

Theoretical and applied issues of gender pedagogy

Theoretical and applied issues of inclusive education

Childhood: current problems, realities and perspectives

Formation and development of personality

Theory and practice of profile education 

  1. Psychological and pedagogical, philosophical and socio-cultural discourse of education, learning and training.

Philosophy of education in the system of socio-humanitarian knowledge

Education and civil society: trends in interrelation

Socio-cultural aspects of teaching humanitarian disciplines in terms of the globalization

Sociological and economic factors of education development

Peculiarities of the child development

Psychological support of personality development

Psychological aspects of educational content in terms of inclusion

Educational management

  1. Methodology and Didactics of Education Process

Theory of curricula

Didactic systems and technologies

Development of the basic educational competences

Diagnosis of educational achievement

Interdisciplinary dimensions of education.

Didactics of inclusive education

Methodology of informatization in education

Theory and methodology of art education

Methods of teaching different disciplines 


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Leaflet (Ukrainian)

Leaflet (Russian)


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We invite you to participate in the conference and look forward to fruitful cooperation!