Pre-School and Technology Education Faculty provides training in two major specialties such as “Pre-school Education” and “Labor Training and Technology”. “Pre-school education” specialty is supplied with subspecialties (“Psychology”, “Choreography”) and held according to the modern training technologies. Students of this department participate in problem research groups, pre-school education conferences and competitions, where they take top places. Well organized education process, cooperation with the best city pre-school institutions, wide methodological support, updated and thematically equipped classrooms provide high quality training of future specialists. Graduates of this department can hold the positions in pre-school education establishments working as nursery school teachers, psychologists, choreographers, teachers of pre-school education, psychology etc. “Labor Training and Technology” department offers different supplementary subspecialties: Automobile Engineering, Clothing Design and Fashion Design, Professional Cooking and Restaurant Service, Computer Science. Classes are held in well equipped computer classrooms, laboratories, workshops and autocomplex. Experienced teaching staff performs highly qualified training of future teachers in Labor Studies, Compure Science and Graphics etc.

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