CTE Workshop Proceedings (ISSN 2833-5473) is a Diamond Open Access peer-reviewed journal published by the Academy of Cognitive and Natural Sciences since 2012. CTE Workshop Proceedings depict the latest achievements in educational technology research - revealing emerging trends and new ideas before they appear in journals. CTE Workshop Proceedings offer broad coverage of new ideas, methodologies, and projects in fast-moving areas of research on the pedagogical uses of digital technology where the focus is broad enough to be of interest to a wider education community: adaptive learning platforms, blended learning, cloud-based AI education applications, cloud-based e-learning platforms, tools and services, cloud-based learning environments, competency-based education platforms, design and implementation of immersive learning environments, digital transformation of education, educational data mining, emotion AI, immersive technologies, mobile learning, VR/AR gamification etc.

CTE Workshop Proceedings is completely free to both authors and readers. Every article submitted will not have any submission charges or 'Article Processing Charges'. This includes peer-reviewing, editing, publishing, maintaining and archiving, and allows immediate access to the full text versions of the articles.

Author guidelines: https://acnsci.org/journal/index.php/cte/about/submissions