On January 17, 2023, the second round of the winter school "EduWell Support Initiative - Empowering Professionals for Inclusive Education in Eastern Europe" took place for the students of Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University. Our event marked the identification of new perspectives for the development of inclusive education in Ukraine.


Instructors, Dr Katerina Bondar and Dr Olha Bilozir, gathered impressions from students after an inspiring lecture delivered by Professor Thomas Barow on January 16. The lecture illuminated the Ukrainian system and realities in inclusive education, providing insights into the evaluation system for winter school projects, including essay writing and testing.


 A special emphasis was placed on the inclusive component of education in Ukraine. Dr Katerina Bondar discussed the "Regulatory And Legislative Framework For Inclusive Education in Ukraine." This meeting segment is based on the results of implementing the project "Support for Inclusive Education in Kryvyi Rih," successfully carried out with the support of GIZ GmbH in 2018-2019, in collaboration with Dr Katerina Bondar as an expert.image4.png

Interested parties can find lecture materials from Ukrainian and Swedish participants on Google Drive via the link.

We extend our gratitude to all participants for their active involvement and interest in deepening knowledge of inclusive education!

This project was created with support from the Swedish-Ukrainian Contact Seminar 2023 and the Erasmus Office Ukraine.

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