From September 11 to October 17, 2021, postgraduate students majoring in 015 Vocational Education (Digital Technologies) Natalia Averianova, Denys Holovko and Olha Pylypenko took part in the international internship «Фандрейзинг та основи проєктної діяльності в закладах освіти: європейський досвід» (Poland-Ukraine) lasting 180 hours.


      During the internship, students deepened their knowledge of project management, got acquainted with the categorical apparatus of fundraising activities and project management; formed the skills of organizational and managerial activities for writing educational projects, as well as improved practical skills in projects writing. The result of their work was in the form of projects "The Creation of the Innovative hub EconManLab 4.0 in the Context of Digitalization/Updating/Modernization of the Educational Process" and "Digital Transformation of the Educational Environment of a Higher Education Institution (DiTrEdu)".



KSPU congratulates the students and wishes them successful implementation of the developed projects.