Elena Kutsarova and Tetiana Romashchenko, master’s students of the group “ТОАм-17”, took part in the international online-seminar “Teacher education of the 21st century: new challenges and solutions”, which took place from November 10 to December 1, 2021, on the SKLAD ONLINE EDUCATIONAL platform .


     They took part in 12online meetings with representatives of Singapore, Finland, Canada, USA, China, the Netherlands, Estonia, Belarus, Great Britain, Australia and South Korea. The students really liked the organization of the seminar and speeches of the speakers. The experience of the participating countries is certainly valuable and modern, and the training of teachers in China and Singapore impressed and interested them. At the end of each seminar, they received training materials and interesting presentations from each speaker, which were presented at the conference. Upon completion, the students of the Department of Pedagogy and Methods of Technological Education received certificates.