On November 22, 2021, a scientific and methodological seminar for young scientists, entitled “Prevention of academic plagiarism in research works. Practical advice”, took place. Due to quarantine restrictions, the event was held remotely.


     Holding a methodological seminar on plagiarism prevention and adherence to the principles of academic integrity has become a traditional event of Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University. The target audiences of the event are students, graduate students and young scientists of the University.

     The remote meeting began with a farewell speech by the Rector of KSPU Professor Ya.V.Shramko, who underlined the importance and necessity of scientific honesty, outlined its manifestations and ways of implementation.

     This opinion was supported by the Vice-Rector for Research, Professor V.A. Hamaniuk, who noted that KSPU pays great attention to the issues of strict observance of academic integrity.

     According to the agenda, five speeches were presented, detailing the issues of academic integrity, including the following: “General principles, values and norms of academic integrity” (R. Kaluhin), “Basic concepts of academic integrity and their interpretation” (T. Honcharova, K. Protopopova), “What is plagiarism and how to avoid it?” (N. Zakharova), “Tools for checking scientific text for plagiarism” (H. Ivanova), “Academic integrity begins with the proper behavior of everyone” (I. Ishchenko).

      It is worth noting that all speeches were extremely informative. Speakers provided extensive advice on distinguishing between different types of plagiarism, life hacks for submitting citations and references to scholars’ ideas, analyzing websites for online uniqueness testing, etc.

     The test tasks on the topic of the methodical seminar, which were answered by the participants, became a positive practice for better memorization, increasing the attention and interaction with colleagues.