Lovjanova I VThe  thesis  deals  with  actual  problem  of  the  shaping  intellectual  skills  of  senior  pupils  which emerge the factor of the readiness a personality to creative activity.  The condition of the problem in its history development is analysed in the process of study.  It is motivated  by the need of structuring such complex of larval formation as intellectual skill and the use of the designed structure on stages of diagnostic, the shaping and tracing dynamic changes to the process of learning intellectual skills. It is proved that the observance the didactic conditions of the efficient shaping the pupils intellectual skills has significant influence on increasing level of the shaping senior pupils intellectual skills. It is designed and improved the didactic model of shaping pupils intellectual skills, the structuring to scholastic information by means of modules, the intersubject task approach to the studies of natural subjects, the optional course "Cognition  bases  in  education",  pupils  diary  book-keeping  of  the  individual  observations  for  creative growing of the personality.

Thesis, the Candidate of Science (Education), speciality 13.00.09 – theory of education. – Institute of pedagogics of APS Ukraine, Kiev, 2006.