Hrabovets Iryna ‒ Candidate of Sociological Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department.

Thesis: “Self-education as an integrating determinant of young professionals’ self-realization in professional activity”.

Training courses: Socio-Political Studies, Management of Organizations, Management of Education, Economic Theory, Social and Pedagogical Management, Oratory Skills and Social Communications, Methodology of Teaching Economics in Secondary School.


Baiura Vadym ‒ Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor.

Thesis: “Organization of metal supply for consumers of administrative regions in terms of transition to the market (on the example of Dnipropetrovsk region)”.

Training courses: Management of Organizations, Insurance and Price Formation, Advertising in Tourism, Fundamentals of Entrepreneurial Activity, Fundamentals of Economic Theory.


Bratchenko Liudmyla ‒ Senior Lecturer.

Training courses: Economics of Enterprise, Finance of Enterprise, Enterprise taxation, Economic Theory, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Regional Economics, Accounting and Auditing, Marketing, Management, Management of Education, Price Formation, Fundamentals of Entrepreneurial Activity, Economics and Organization of Production.


Chernous Liudmyla ‒ Candidate of Sociological Sciences, Associate Professor.

Thesis: “The institutionalization of the Internet in contemporary Ukrainian society”.

Training courses: Socio-Political Studies, Sociology of Culture, Sociological Studies in The Field of Education, Marketing and Management in Market Conditions, Management in Education, Political Science, Technologies of Social Work in Foreign Countries.


Komarova Olena ‒ Candidate of Sociological Sciences, Senior Lecturer.

Thesis: “Social transfers as a factor of life support for elderly people (on the example of Dnipropetrovsk region)”.

Training courses: Fundamentals of Economic Theory, Youth Social Policy, Sociology of Family and Marriage, Marketing, Tourism Marketing, Personal Social Protection.


Lobanova Alla ‒ Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Full Professor.

Candidate thesis: “Group selfishness in collective and cooperative ownership”.

Doctoral thesis: “Social mimicry as an adaptive way of life”.

Training courses: Economics, Socio-Political Studies, Social and Psychological Aspects of Working with Teenagers who are Inclined to Deviance, Social Researches in Education.


Tarasova Olha ‒ Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor.

Thesis: “The reactionary nature of modern neo-fascism”.

Training courses: Socio-Political Studies, Marketing and Management in Market Conditions, Political Systems of Different Countries.