MOIN" - a warm salutation echoing through the northern regions of Germany. A remarkable internship journey with Loesje Berlin's "Media, "99.9% of what's happening isn't on the news," held at the captivating KulturHaus in Osterholz-Scharmbeck. It was an enriching experience and the opportunity to contribute to something extraordinary.


The sessions, encompassing written content, graphic design, and video production utilising artificial intelligence for media, transcended their role as mere educational tools. They served as catalysts, nurturing not only editing and composition skills but also fostering personal, social, and learning-to-learn competence. The project has been a whirlwind of excitement, particularly as participants immersed themselves in Multilingual competence during a culturally immersive preparation spanning three days: exploring superstitions, unusual cultural traditions, cuisine, and the cultural vibe of national dancing.


Together, we ventured into the diverse tapestry of traditions from countries like Georgia, Italy, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Germany, Tunisia, and Greece. IMG-7bfcea8ea187764b93502214a6832ebb-V.jpg

For the Ukrainian team, it was an unforgettable exploration of storytelling and its visualization through posters. The development of skills wasn't merely a consequence of gamification and teamwork but also through the accumulation of valuable feedback. Personally, a significant moment was our playback performance with seasoned improv theatre trainers Richard Schut and Suzanne. Heartfelt appreciation to the project organizers and trainers for their dynamic efforts over the 10 days (Marina Trajkovska, Carola Maria Ståhl, Pasquale Davide Pennino, Richard Schut, Hristijan Jordanoski, Aleksandra Lyutskanova, Borislava Fimova). Special thanks to the Ukrainian team for their steadfast support of the project participants.


The material was prepared by PhD Kateryna Bondar.