Traineeship is an important step to pedagogical mastery. On the twenty- second of March, 2021 a final conference on pedagogical practice for 4th year students of the Faculty of psychology and pedagogy took place. The practice was in primary education and second specialty (computer science, English, practical psychology).  Teachers (Pavlyk O.A., Onishchenko I.V., Zichkov A.K.), psychologists (Miroshnyk Z.M., Gorbacheva O.Y.), primary education methodists  (Bilokonna N.I., Pavlyk O.A., Onishchenko I.V., Kisilova-Bila V.P., Lysevich O.V., Lysogor L.P., Fedorova L.G., Kravtsova I.A.) and methodists of the second speciality  (Matsepura L.L.,  Kharadzhan N.A., Zakarliuka I.S.) analyzed the results of practice, identified positive aspects, pointed out weaknesses and gave advice for the future. Students shared their impressions and demonstrated presentations.