Faculty of Natural Sciences provides training in specialties “Biology” and “Chemistry”. The faculty is equipped with computer classes where students can study the latest information technology, computer modelling of biological and chemical processes. There are two experimental laboratories “Vegetation Ecology of Kryvyi Rih region” and “Theoretical and Applied Ornithology”. Several scientific clubs and problem-research groups actively work within the faculty. Students take part in scientific expeditions and field surveys practising in the reserved areas of “Askania Nova” and “Kinburn Bar”. Chemistry students investigate the structure of human-made environment objects situated in Kryvyi Rih region. Their attention is also focused on exploring the features of technology producing processes in industrial facilities of Dnipropetrovskyi region. Moreover students of this faculty have interesting and exciting entertainment activities. They participate in joint university festivals and amateur concerts, take part in sports competitions in fitness aerobics, peform discos, brain-rings and tours.