Traditionally, at the beginning of the year of education, all faculties dedicate freshmen to students. The press center talked to the community of Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogics and learned the details of the celebration of this event.

The dedication of freshmen is a kind of ceremony, during which the symbolic transformation of schoolchildren into students takes place. Each faculty has its own specifics, traditions and customs of the procedure.

Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogics has always been famous for its focus on subject-subject relations. That is why the procedure of initiation took place in a warm and relaxed atmosphere among a friendly team of students. Senior mentors spoke about the peculiarities of student life, about educational activities and about the specifics of the functioning of our University.

The acquaintance with each other took place in the game format, during which the freshmen had to share an interesting fact about them. The subject of the message was determined with the help of special predetermined topics (укр. “фантів”). The freshmen supported the exciting interactivity with joy and great enthusiasm.

A wonderful end to the holiday was a treat with sweets and delicious drinks. The community of Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogics met the “younger” members of the faculty as a family. We hope that the positive impressions received from the acquaintance, freshmen will carry through all years of student life.

Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University congratulates freshmen in its walls!