Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University provides the opportunity not only to get a qualitative higher education and become a real specialist in your field, but also to feel all the benefits of diverse student life.

Every September there is a traditional dedication of freshmen. The Faculty of Geography, Tourism and History hosted a dedication ceremony for freshmen majoring in History. The event took place on the Lyakhov Grave mound, located in Kryvyi Rih district.

Senior students and group curators organized a quest for freshmen. It consisted of several stations-locations, which were to lead the participants to the mound located on the first watershed of the right bank of the Karachunivsky Reservoir.

During the stages of the quest and the completion of historical tasks, freshmen were assisted by their mentors and seniors.

At the end of a lively and eventful celebration, the participants of the event joined the historical explorations at the site of archaeological research of ancient settlements and received diplomas, which certify their affiliation with professional students of history.

KSPU congratulates the freshmen on the start of training for one of the most exciting specialties of our University.