Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University provides the opportunity not only to get a qualitative higher education and become a real specialist in your field, but also to feel all the benefits of diverse student life.


     On October 1, a solemn dedication of freshmen in “Sociology of Mass Communication, Journalism and Advertising” took place in the ATO Heroes’ Park near the flagpole. This date and place was chosen, because on October 1 Ukraine celebrates the Day of the Sociologist – a holiday of specialists, who study the laws and social interaction and, contrary to all stereotypes, try to build a new society.


     On September 30, 2021, the Chess Club “Elita” of Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University hosted the traditional chess tournament “Champion of the Month”, which was attended by the strongest chess players of the institution. The tournament was organized according to the rules of 10+0 * Rapid * Friendly 5/5 Rounds * Swiss 10 seconds between rounds.

  • Mykola Shabanov (freshmen of Faculty of Foreign Languages) became the Champion of the Month;
  • Dmytro Danylkiv (freshmen of Faculty of Preschool and Technological Education) took the second place;
  • Kyrylo Korzhavin (freshmen of Faculty of Physics and Mathematics) took the third place.

     From the beginning of the 2021/2022 academic year physical education for the freshmen was organized by sports which were chosen by students from ten offered kinds. Chess and checkers classes were chosen by 56 freshmen, who were divided into two study groups. Due to online learning, an electronic chess club of KSPU was created, where beginners are engaged in the “Learn chess by playing” program. Advanced students are offered “Practice your chess” program. Gaining competitive experience is scheduled for December.

KSPU congratulates the champion in September 2021 and wishes new sport achievements!


     Traditionally, at the beginning of the academic year, undergraduates and group curators hold various interesting and unique dedications to students at the faculties of  Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University.


     On September 15, 2021, took place the report conference of the Student Council of Faculty of Foreign Languages highlighting the last academic year.

     Oleksandra Chernenko, the graduate of Faculty of Foreign Languages, Chair of the Student Council in 2020-2021, make a report on the work of the Student Council during the last academic year. She also wished the new Student Council of the faculty a lot of inspiration and patience.

     Dean of Faculty of Foreign Languages, Maryna Volodymyrivna Vardanian, Doctor of Philology, Associate Professor, thanked for the fruitful work and wished success to the future Student Council.

     The report conference ended with the presentation of candidates to the new Student Council of Faculty of Foreign Languages, the election of which will take place on September 16, on the ground floor of the humanities building from 12:00 to 15:00. We remind that the student has to have a pen, mask and identity document.


     Traditionally, at the beginning of the year of education, all faculties dedicate freshmen to students. The press center talked to the community of Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogics and learned the details of the celebration of this event.


     At the beginning of September, KSPU traditionally joins the celebration of the Day of Physical Culture and Sports.


     On September 11, 2021, the Chess Competition, dedicated to the Day of Physical Culture and Sport in Ukraine, was held at Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University. The best chess players representing their faculties, took part in blitz tournament, organized according to Olympic system.


     The university creates the proper conditions for the student participation in different types of leisure and extra-curricular activities.

     Students are actively involved in research work. They participate in problem groups and academic circles. Student research results are highlighted in contest scientific reports, scientific publications and presentations at international, national, regional and university conferences. Subject olympiads are annually held and their university winners take part in the national tours and usually marked with awards. Students of different faculties are the members of various scientific expeditions, such as archaeological, ethnographic, region, folklore, dialectological, open air and field tours.

     There is a Student Club within the university, which aims to cultivate aesthetic culture, develops artistic taste and organizes leisure and creative activities for students. This Student Club supports young talents, giving them the opportunity to realize their creative potential. There are various amateur groups such as vocal, instrumental, dance, theater, pop miniatures bands and humour contest clubs. The university staff and joint student councils carry out various cultural events such as literary and musical evenings, exhibitions, flash mobs, quests, festivals etc.

     Plenty of excursions to famous national attractions and memorable places of Ukrainian historical and cultural heritage are often organized. Moreover creative meetings with the national science and culture celebrities and outstanding public representatives are held.

    Students are involved in active physical training activities and sports. Annual University wide Olympics, Freshman Olympics, sports competitions between student dormitories, competitions on the Day of Physical Culture and Sports, Health Day are usually held. Students improve their sport skills in football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, boxing, arm-wrestling, aerobics and other sports. Joint university teams take part in local, regional and national sport competitions. There are two actively working clubs such as sport and tourist club “Stalker” and chess club “Elite”.

     Students of KSPU perform volunteer work in orphan asylums, orphanages, rehabilitation centers. They actively participate in various charity, environment events as well as city social life. This work is carried out through the student government.