Soloviov VolodymyrHead of the Department, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Full Professor.
Semerikov Serhii  Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences, Full Professor.

Ivanova  Halyna Doctor of Philosophy, Assistant.

  Merzlykin Oleksandr Candidate of of Pedagogic Sciences, Assistant.

Merzlykin Pavlo Associate Professor, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

  Mintii Iryna ‒ Associate Professor, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences.
  Moiseienko Mykhailo ‒ Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Senior Lecturer.
  Moiseienko Natalia Associate Professor, Candidate of Physical And Mathematical Sciences.
  Tarasova Olena ‒ Senior Lecturer, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.
Шокалюк Shokaliuk Svitlana ‒Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor.
Zakarliuka Iryna‒ Assistant.
Stepaniuk Oleksandr ‒ Assistant.
Yurko Oleksandr‒ Senior Lecturer.









 Lisina Lydmula ‒ Senior Laboratory Assistant.








 Salivon Victoria ‒ Senior Laboratory Assistant.
 shamsutdinova  Shamsutdinova Natalia ‒ Senior Laboratory Assistant.